Education Opens Doors (EOD)

Education Opens Doors (EOD) gives middle schoolers a college vision through their classroom based “Roadmap to Success” (RTS) curriculum. EOD’s serves 8,000 students in North Texas alone and will expand to serve 50,000+ students nationally fueled by AdvanceNet Empowerment, Content Factory and Tier One Support Services.

Our systems have allowed EOD to continue assessing, engaging, educating, and reporting, while also providing teachers and end users technology and system support.

When teachers have a need for program support, it’s immediate. With 30 sets of eyes staring back at them, all problems need to be resolved – and fast! And of course, when teachers have needs, they tend to come all at once. We have a solution for that!

We deployed our Empowerment Marketplace technologies and support services to:

Offer its life-changing RTS program to more students

Bolster the RTS program

Reach additional schools, students, & parents through virtual program support

Achieve financial sustainability

Provide exceptional technology support